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          • 品牌:???EURO FLEX
          • 型号:???
          • 在线订购

          Self-gripping velcro pads in nylon, foam rubber and resin.

          diameter 150 mm with 7 - 9 - 15 and 21 suction holes

          They can be used with self-gripping abrasive discs with 6 holes and 9 holes.

          Available either with plane or bayonet connection.

          They are produced in three different colours that distinguish hardness: red/hard, blue/medium or green/soft.

          Also available in 125 mm diameter. And with 8 and 9 suction holes.

          Also available in micro-velcro version.

          Available either with plane or bayonet connection.

          For pads 150mm in diameter and with different holes, the reference price is that of the 15 hole pad