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          • 品牌:???BIBIELLE
          • 型号:???BUH
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          BUW material is made of layers of abrasive Non Woven material impregnated with resin and compressed, designed to offer the best finishing joined to high tear resistance and long lifetime, converted in wheels with hole.

          Main features and benefits::
          The BUH offers all the advantages of the Non Woven products (cool running, low loading, consistent finishing) with excellent lifetime and high resistance if used on edges or sharp parts. BUH are available in different densities (from density 2 soft up to 8 extremely rigid), grit sizes (Fine, Medium and Coarse) and type of abrasive (S-Silicon Carbide, A–Aluminium Oxide).

          Recommended applications::
          Deburring, Cleaning, Blending and Finishing and polishing of a wide range of parts.

          Work surfaces::
          Any kind of metal (stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, alloys), plastic and composite.

          Other grits and dimensions available on request.

          Soft density Unitized Wheels 2S Fine, 3S Fine
          ? polish mechanical parts (jet blades, threads, welds, casted parts) smoothing edges
          ? cleaning rust, discoloration, coatings
          ? blending marks or scratches

          Medium density Unitized Wheels 2A Med 
          ? light deburring or reduction edges
          ? blending marks or scratches
          ? cleaning scales or oxidation

          Hard Density Unitized Wheels 6S Fine, 6A Med, 8A Crs 
          ? heavy deburring
          ? reducing sharp edges
          ? blending heavy marks or scratches
          ? cleaning scale or oxidation