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opentendersThe rules and regulations applied for every district varies. Every state has its own jurisdiction and I have to adhere by the policies coined by government. I own a construction materials supply business and this is my sole source of income. I am an engineer by profession, and I was aware of all the terms and conditions required to outsource manpower for instance. Tenders are an important part while planning to build a new project which requires me to take permission from the superior authorities that deal with the state affairs. Once, I was subjected to legal issues as my license for my entrepreneurship had misplaced and I did not know how to get it renewed. Work had come to a standstill till I found ways to recover the loss. With the help of my friend who had experienced a similar situation before, I gained my license back. The procedures were very simple and everything was done online. It was then that I understood that internet could also play a major role in accomplishing various work related tasks.

He also guided me that for starting a new project I need not wait for long or run from one office to another looking for available contracts. With the help of OPENTENDERS online tender notification service, he was able to get notifications of new contracts as they get advertises. That is how I was motivated to get the approval for my new upcoming road widening contract. I checked with the relevant website and subscribed to OPENTENDERS.  Within days I was getting notifications from them without having to wait and face any denial like it happened all this time. It was such a huge relief for me since I had ordered the stock from another state and invested a great deal on the raw materials and equipments. I was not in a state to tolerate any kind of rejection because every time I had been to the offices, the staff members knew how to make me struggle hard just to get the information. Government officials at times are very irresponsible and that is what made me go the online route to get a heads up for my work.

I was in a state of relief ever since my project was agreed upon without the need to persuade them. It was a relief from the cumbersome ordeals I have had to deal with in my entire career. Once a tender is forwarded, it makes way for the next phase without wasting any time. It was a good sign to begin my job and I was happy for the fact that I did not have to wait till every member approved of my tender. It was a huge respite from the conceited executives with whom I had tough time dealing.

With everything turning online there is more space for private contractors like me to run a smooth business. If it was not for internet there would have been limited access to clear major contract works. Every individual who runs his private set up must seek online support for any kind of contract issues.

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