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How to Find 2017 Writing Competitions

Winning writing contests is surely a great way of improving your portfolio. In addition, it is a way of earning good money if you win. Provided you have writing talent and do an in-depth research, then you are likely to win a hotly contested writing competition. So, why don’t you check some of the upcoming contents and apply for them?

There are hundreds of 2017 writing competitions just waiting for you! But first, you will need to identify one that suits your niche. You can check some of the previous essays that won and compare them with yours. Usually, contests target specific niche or themes. After identifying the appropriate one then it is time to move to the next step.

The next step is doing internet search. The good thing about searching contests online is that there are a wide variety of categories you can choose from. Also, you can easily find contests that specifically target a certain group of people. In addition, the internet makes it easier to search for contests that are near your location. You can as well identify all the parameters of a certain contest before you decide to enter.

Almost all upcoming 2017 writing competitions require entrants to pay entry fees. The fees required may vary depending on the nature and size of the contest. If the contest is big then the entry fees may be high but if it is small the entry fees will be low. It is always a great idea to choose a contest that perfectly fits your budget. There are also some free competitions that you can enter. If you are looking for free contests, you should go for the ones that you have verified their authenticity.

Many of the upcoming 2017 writing competitions are very competitive. So, you need to make a list of the contests that you prefer before entering any. Then, using the information you got after doing your research, you can compare and identify the perfect one. It is important to submit your story, poem or essay carefully. In short, you need to adhere to the submission guidelines and if you fail to do so, your submission won’t be accepted. What that means is that you will have lost your entry fee.

The internet makes it easy to track down some of the best upcoming writing contests. Plus, you will get compressive information about any contest before entering, for example, entry fees, rules and guidelines of contest, genre and prizes. Resourceful places to find some of these contests are websites of the notable publications including writer’s magazines. You should also check with print publications if they will be hosting 2017 contests. Another great way of getting regular updates is subscribing to some of the well-known publications so that you receive e-mail newsletters. There are also some websites meant for writers, especially writers who need assistance in getting appropriate writing contests. Writers’ forums and communities can also be useful. You can also ask your friends or family members if they are aware of some of the upcoming contests.

Saved Money Hiring The Dust Control Company

evaporatorimagefarIf you have been in the mining industry or if you have had any experience in the mining field you will know how challenging the industry is and how difficult the operations are. The noise, the dust, the sweat and toil, the working conditions are always extreme. Luckily one of the things that we control is the dust. However mine dust control does not happen automatically. One needs to have effective dust control system in place. Moreover, you cannot just set it up and forget, this is an on-going challenge.

One has to constantly monitor the dust levels and also the effectiveness of the dust control systems deployed. For all these mining companies had to work with experienced providers in the industry. We have somehow found our experts in the industry after much struggle. We are now happy that our mining operations are almost dust free by using the solutions offered by this company. We have experience working with number of companies in this field. Each one of them certainly promises great results but delivers very little. However, that is not the case with this company. They are one of the best in the field. They do not promise more than what they could deliver. And what they deliver is excellence.

We liked the commitment of the dust control solutions provider in providing us with the best dust control solution. We have tested all their solutions in our mining fields and they provided us with the most effective solution every time that we needed effective dust control in our mining operations.

Only experienced dust control solution providers will be able to provide effective solutions that are not only easy to deploy but also solutions that cost us the least amount. This is not just a onetime process. Dust control efforts have to be taken as long as the mining operations are underway. The operational costs too should be therefore less. This is where the company that we used stood out and impressed us all. They offered the most cost effective dust control solutions that worked extremely well.

We do not think that we will be able to work with any other company in the field because we have already tried number of companies and none of them exhibited such high calibre. Highly dedicated services offering impressive solutions. We are delighted to work with this dust control company and will be happy to recommend their services to anyone who is looking out for a dependable mining dust control partner. We saved money and we also had a healthy and safer mining field after deploying the solutions offered by this company. We will certainly use this service provider for all our subsequent requirements. It is best to establish long term association with a company that shows dexterity in this field as they will have better understanding of our operations and be able to continually perfect their solutions resulting in higher dust control efficiency and effectiveness.


What Does Your Condo Association’s do

There are many liabilities of homeowners associations and it is not a simple job that is accomplishing them all. Just because you have moved into a new condominium and locate things spic and span it does not mean that they were always the same way. You find your rooms habitable and spic and span just because of homeowners associations. There are different types of resident and some are not just cautious as the others. While they know that they are paying for the condo in which they are living, it does not mean that they should go on damage things. On the other hand repairing the damage things is the duty of homeowner’s associations.

Different responsibilities of homeowners associations

  • The responsibilities of homeowners associations are far and different. Usually they assign specialists to take care of the difficult tasks, and look after some of the general jobs themselves. The responsibilities of HOI lies in keeping the society neat and clean and immediately attending to any problems that might arise. These issues may be small, or they might be complex just like the water of the pool not heating up to the required temperature. Apart from this there are lots of other responsibilities of homeowners associations. At the end of every month they have to collect the monthly rent from the renter and issue receipts to them.
  • If any person wants to leave the room he is living in, it is the work of homeowners associations to see that the empty room is cleaned and made habitable as rapidly as possible. No one likes to leave a room in a condominium empty for a period of time for that is loss of income. In order to make sure that the liabilities of homeowners associations Florida run smoothly, many associations invest cash in specific software that keep track of day to day work. If any renter has find fault that the bulb of his room has fused out, it is the work of homeowners associations to see that the same is replaced right away from their buffer stock.

Once the problem is resolved they will enter these particulars in the program, which will ascertain if new stocks are necessary, or not. You might like the outlook of the building you have just entered to leave and the pool looks so cute with its crystal blue and clear water. The lifts are all clean and they operating without a squeal. If you are frightened that this is not the society for you, as it seems to be very rich and might cost you a good sum per month, leave away these thoughts. It is just that the HOI are hard working and they have full information regarding their responsibilities. The next time you love the beauty of the condo you are live in, spare some consideration for the personnel who are working for the homeowners association.

You can find more info regarding Homeowner Association (HOA) responsibilities and HOA accounting services from Transparent HOA accounting is just as there is a lot of cash being managed and utilized in most condominium complexes and housing subdivisions.

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How Garnering Shipment Services from Third Party Companies Helped My Business?

Flexible Fulfillment ServicesManagement is not an easy task especially when it comes to business. Two years ago, I invested money down the line and started my own shoes business. My business played the role of a mediator that involved buying branded shoes and reselling it to retailers at lucrative prices. After getting into this business, I learned many things about warehousing, shipment, market prices, dealers, suppliers and many more things. I eventually ended up developing a huge network with some big shots dominating the scene and that provided my business with the scope to expand.

Another year passed by and this when I started commencing the manufacturing activities of shoes under my own brand name. My business got a great start and things started to get very complicated within a span of nine months. The demand for my products started escalating at a tremendous rate and looking after every factor kept me awake even at nights. To simply put it, management was getting out of hand and it seemed as if my business was about to crumble. I was quite stressed thinking of solutions and I desperately needed a helping hand to look after my business activities.

I put the internet to its best use to find solutions and this is where I found my ray of hope. I spotted a company that provided exceptional services. This company was into aiding businesses like mine with activities like shipment, pick and pack, order fulfillment and plenty of tasks that involved storing, packing and trucking services. After understating this, I quickly approached this company and dropped them an email stating my interest in garnering their services. I quickly got an instant reply from one of the company representatives and then I got in touch with them. I had a telephonic conversation after which I got a clear view of all the services offered by this company and I felt I landed at the right place.

This company acts a substitute for businesses whereas in my case, I provided this firm with the responsibility of looking after shipment and warehousing tasks. I provided them with the information of my stock house and the professionals of this company overtook them for me. After subscribing to these services, I started becoming a bit apprehensive in terms of any fraudulent activities that may take place. However, I had this feeling of doubtfulness vanish in an instant when I witnessed the proficiency and dedication shown by this substitute in handling my stocks and shipment needs.

Garnering this substitute service helped me focus on the manufacturing task. I made sure that there were no flaws in the production line of my business and as a result, I never ran out of scope to make money. Things started to get balanced and my stress vanished completely. Rather than being frightened about the growth, I confidently started signing up for more projects with national and international clients. It felt as if my business was now subdivided with the manufacturing line under my control and the marketing line under the control of the substitute service that I had garnered from this company.

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Choose this Specialist to Unblock a Sink

rapiddrainsauI remember the time I was battling to clear blocked drain in my house. I had tried quite a few drainage cleaners, but none of them suited my purpose. Besides charging exorbitant fees, the technicians did a very bad job at clearing blocked pipes. It is at this time that I decided to hire this service provider, as recommended by my friend. An internet search on this provider got me well versed in its workings. It was one of the renowned providers for clearing blocked pipes and was highly ranked online. From the initiation of the project until the end, this provider demonstrated utmost professionalism in getting my sink unblocked. Not only was its charge reasonable, but it also displayed immense prowess in the manner its professionals took care of the entire problem.

If you need to unblock a sink at your home or office, then this provider is what you should be relying on. I can vouch for this provider, as I know several people who have their drains and pipes fixed from this provider, who has been in the business for the last 20 years. I know of a friend who had serious water management issues that comprised of multiple problems such as drain clogging, as well as leaky pipes. As such, there was a lot of damage being done to the sewer line. It is through this service provider that my friend got superlative professional assistance to solve their problem speedily and with utmost ease.

If you desire to procure the expertise of a team of specialists in drain and pipe care, then this service provider is the name to reckon with. Clearing blocked pipes at my place was an easy thing for these thoroughbred specialists in this setup. This service provider had the tools to make my stubborn drain clogs a rather simple process. I also hired this provider to resolve a more serious issue at my office that included leaking floor drains or total drain collapse, handled expertly by its experienced technicians. I recommended this specialist to a friend who has serious water system issues. It is through this provider that my friend got her pipe repaired optimally. This provider is surely a one-stop-shop to get all your disjointed pipes back in place. Instead of opting for an enormously expensive overhaul, I decided to adhere to its pipe relining service to procure an all-new pipe structure inside my existing pipe work.

I would term the quality of service demonstrated by the skilled specialists at this company as sheer world-class. I was pampered with a focused attention and a unique approach implemented by these thoroughbred specialists to resolve all my piping issues. I also employed its services for assessing my needs optimally. There is no iota of doubt that water management system is one of the most significant facilities of one’s home. I have got all my drains and pipes functioning to the fullest. If you desire to fix all your drain maintenance needs, then this setup is the one you would have to trust on.

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Select this Specialty Tree Removal Service Provider

treeremovalservicedesmoinesIt was certainly not a good sight for me to experience all the overgrown vegetation around my house. Besides being unhygienic, all the overgrown vegetation also poised as an unpleasant sight for my neighbors. I was also worried that it may be hazardous for the passerby. I decided to take recourse of this professional Tree Removal Des Moines. I had indulged in a research online and found this setup to be the best-liked tree cutting and trimming service in Des Moines. It also attracted a lot of positive reviews from customers. I decided to bank on this professional tree removal company to trim all the vegetation and trees in my area. I was overwhelmed to see its professional team members arriving before time to inspect the place and plan the modes to cut, trim and clear the space. The professionals also rendered me with expertise on how to manage my property without hassles.

This specialty Tree removal setup has been my one-stop-shop for having all the vegetation in my area cleared and to set me free from the liability and also the possible dangers that would be caused by untidy trees. I knew of many families who had ruptured plumbing due to overgrown vegetation. I had to protect my plumbing system as well as my sewer lines. Moreover, I had to protect my person and also lives of family members as septic damages caused by overgrown trees and plants are not covered by insurance companies. This Tree Service Des Moines company in your neighborhood was the answer to all my unruly growth of trees and bushes near my house. If you happen to live in Des Moines and require a tree removal expert, then you ought to choose a Tree Service Des Moines specializing this tree trimming setup without doubt.

For me, it was extremely haphazard sight to view the pesky branch trimmed off from my neighbor’s roof and tree eradicated in a disorderly way. This is where I became even more particular in choosing my Tree removal company. The professionals from this setup systematically carried out the tree-cutting task with efficiency. As a top-notch Des Moines tree service company, it was absolutely systematic in choosing the process of eradicating trees from my neighborhood. This tree removal service rendered me with know-how on the multiple repurcation that I would have to face in neglecting the cutting of all the overgrown vegetation. It could have caused decaying or rotting of my structure if these experts had not pointed out some of the overgrown vegetation that had to be critically cut apart. I got all the untidy fractured branches surrounding my house cleared off in the best possible manner. As such, it also helped the kids more space to play in my area. I certainly made a prudent choice of opting for this specialized Tree removal service Des Moines.

I was enlightened that no books and theories online could be good enough to help me trim or cut the overgrown vegetation and trees in my area, than to have got it done through this specialty tree-trimming expert in Des Moines. These specialists also assisted me in having the tree stumps eradicated. I would surely recommend this professional tree removal service to anyone who desires for a specialized tree trimming service in Des Moines.

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Secure your Neighborhood with LED Area Light

paclightsLiving in studio apartments is both a blessing and a curse. Those looking for convenient lodgings with minimal requirements will be perfectly happy here. On the other hand, people looking for a secure living environment may suffer. My roommate was accustomed to leading a secure life with her parents all through college. It is only after she joined work that she developed confidence to move out and look after herself. Her newly gained sense of independence went out of the window all of a sudden one day. While returning from work, she got cornered by a bunch of goons scouring the streets mindlessly on their motorbikes. They left no chance to molest her and even snatched her wallet and gold chain before taking to their heels. This was a traumatic blow and took quite a while to pacify. The lighting around the area was dim so the scene was not immediately visible to the passersby. Anyone who looked out of the apartment window would only spot the mounted lights on the opposite side and nothing else. The incident necessitated the installation of LED Area Light in greater numbers.

We lodged a complaint at the apartment complex secretary’s office. Soon, a meeting took place and it was decided that everyone would contribute to buying LED Outdoor Lighting. Anyone who tried to rob or molest anyone would be easily visible. Also, the mounting height was to be brought down in order to make visible the events taking place on the deserted street. The installers came about with huge boxes of LED Canopy Light which were to be installed in the parking area as well. Every product had high wattage capacity and low lumen depreciation. Wall mounting was easier and anyone with high ladders and the confidence of mounting lights at a greater height could do it. The street looked busy that day with a bunch of workers arranging the LED lights down the lane. The building secretary was pleased with the arrangement and doubly impressed of the fact that the power bills would come down drastically. LED technology is a boon to humankind. It truly enables us to enjoy lights with high capacity of luminance and lower energy output. It is a win-win situation for both the manufacturers and the consumers.

The first night after the lights became fully functional for use, my friend walked home with greater confidence. I looked out of the window until I found her, waved out to her, and urged her to come home as quickly as possible. She seemed to be excited by my appearance at the window and waved out with equal vigor and enthusiasm. There were no goons to harass her that night and those who passed by were surprisingly quiet. Every one of the residents kept their windows opened and looked after their loved ones after sundown. The installation of LED lights became a popular option indoors as well. From a reputed supplier, we found many cost effective lighting products for our studio residential complex. It made us feel extremely secure if we ever had to return home in the long hours of the night.


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Ensure Higher Safety of your Parcel with Wooden Crates

bluerosepackaging I was relieved of a big concern of managing safety when I came into contact with the services of this company. It featured wooden crates packaging for delivering any kind of parcel. Also the limitation of area was never a problem with this company. It offered wide possibilities of transferring anything from one place to another with utmost care and no damage. I started a small courier company where I had to get in touch with good and reliable services for taking parcels here and there. It was surely the best to come being in touch with this company.

As I further went for the details of the services provided by this company, I got to know that this company also offered bubble cushion and making custom wood crates too. This was more appealing and suitable as now I need not had to be dependent on the standards size of the box and get my deals according to the given dimensions. I could openly welcome any type of clients who want to send their parcels of any size and type. It was greatly helpful and useful as now I had to not limit my business and expand it to every type of customers who came to my office.

At the very beginning I remember how precisely I used to take orders in order to set them in the standard dimensions of a wooden crate. However, knowing the feature of customizing boxes, I could completely rely on this manufacturer to cater to my various different needs while making wood boxes. It was simple and an easy process to demand for wooden crates of your desired dimensions. I had to only contact the services and precisely make them understand the correct structure of how I wanted the box. It was amazing to get such services at the rates charged by this company compared to any other in the market.

Then gradually I became more familiar with the business and started shipping all types of parcels which included large containers also. It was bit challenging and difficult but with the help of this company and its services simply turned out to be easier. I asked the experts if they had any additional level of safety than just packaging in wood crates. It was great to know about the bubble cushioning services. My confidence level rose high as the protection and safety factor was up to the mark with bubble cushioning.

I happened to get popular and gathered more number of customers for various types of shipments. Thus, with the flow of work, my experience in the field became more appealing as I tried out many other methods of sending parcels from one place to another. I also practiced the labeling technique which helped me as well as the end receiver to identify parcels and containers very easily and quickly too. The label noted down all the essential details and actually made my work smooth. Every customer now when come to me with big consignments would not ship his parcels without the use of labels on it.

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Hire Water Damage Restoration Service for Quick Disaster Recovery

croixcologosquareFacing a flood was one of the worst things I have had to come across in my life. A few months back, there was a flood in my city during which a lot of water entered my house. I was such a fix. I really did not know what to do. This is my own house and so any kind of damage is very bad. Even though a thought to clean the house on my own did cross my mind, I thought it was better for me to take the help of a professional flood damage restoration service.

I had to take care of my entire family as all of us had got really disturbed due to the floods. We were in a completely helpless condition. Even though we tried very hard, we could not stop water from entering the house. This got us really upset. We did not know how to handle the situation. I thought that it was not right for me to involve my family in the cleaning process and so hired a restoration service. These services have a team of experts who know the best way to take care of the situation. They have the right tools and equipment essential to clean up the house quickly. They know what methods have to be used so that the property can be cleaned without any delay. This, to a great extent, reduces the chances of catching infections due to breeding bacteria.

The fire and water restoration service I hired was very swift in its work. It has experts with many years of experience in this work. These professional have helped with restoration for many residential and commercial properties in the past. All I had to do was just give the provider a call and it sent its experts in no time. They had everything it required to clean up my house and get it back to its original shape. They were really quick in their work and cleaned my house fast and conducted quick restoration.

I have a basement for my house which surely did not escape getting filled with water. Before I even knew, the basement was completely overflowing with water. We did not even dare enter the basement, this obviously causes a lot of damage to our property. The provider I got in touch with helps with basement flood restoration too. These experts quickly drained out water from the basement and got it cleaned up immediately. As they provided immediate help, there was hardly any time for mold to even grows, making their work easier.

Along with restoring the house, there is another big thing the provider helped me with – getting fair insurance compensation. It is a pain to deal with insurance companies to get a good claim, especially as I did not know much about the laws and rules. The restoration service took up this task and conducted all interactions required with my insurance company. It ensures that I get a fair compensation for the losses I have faced, while really got down the financial burden that I might have faced otherwise. Hiring a restoration in that disaster situation is surely a smart thing I did.


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Common Mistakes in Foreign Currency Exchange Travelers Make

themoneycloudAre you planning to travel abroad? You must start planning for the money that you will be spending in foreign places – and it starts by being aware of the common mistakes that many travelers make about foreign currency exchange.  You have to remember that banks and credit card companies are increasing their transaction fees for purchases and payments made in a foreign currency, not to mention that you can be ripped off when you pay in a foreign currency for products and services best paid with local money.

#1 Not Notifying Your Bank and Credit Card Issuer About Your Plans

Financial institutions, such as banks and credit card companies, are on alert about unusual activity made on their clients’ accounts, such as purchases and cash advances in a foreign currency. This is due to the increased cases of financial fraud using credit and debit cards, said vigilance from your bank working to your benefit as well.

When you notify your bank about your travel plans especially to overseas places, you can avoid hassles that can put a damper on your holiday. For example, your credit card may be blocked when purchasing from an overseas store, not to mention that you may be using your credit card without being informed about the high fees imposed on these overseas purchases.

#2 Not Checking the Foreign Exchange Rate Online

When you make international money transfers, you should first make comparisons between the foreign exchange rates of several companies with the goal of getting the best rates (i.e., your recipient will receive a higher amount of money after the currency conversion).  This should also be your approach when traveling abroad where your pocket money is concerned.

When you know the best exchange rate, you will know what to expect when exchanging currency.  As with all aspects of your foreign travel, you want to get the most value out of your money and it starts with getting the best rates for your dollars.

#3 Changing Your Money at the Airport

And the worst place to exchange and compare foreign currency exchange rates is at an airport kiosk! Your knowledge about the prevailing rates will be valuable in determining whether you are getting a fair deal here – and you are most likely not getting it. This is because airport-based foreign exchange desks are scams in the sense that their large incomes come from charging high fees, giving poor exchange rates, and imposing hidden fees, among other practices.

Your better choices are either to withdraw money from an ATM, use your credit card in establishments that accept it, and find a more favourable exchange rate in a global or local bank.

Other mistakes that you should avoid are using your credit card in getting a cash advance without checking its surcharge; buying traveler’s checks since these can be more of a nuisance than a help; and assuming that you must exchange currency at all especially in places where your money is already the local currency.



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