How to Find 2017 Writing Competitions

Winning writing contests is surely a great way of improving your portfolio. In addition, it is a way of earning good money if you win. Provided you have writing talent and do an in-depth research, then you are likely to win a hotly contested writing competition. So, why don’t you check some of the upcoming contents and apply for them?

There are hundreds of 2017 writing competitions just waiting for you! But first, you will need to identify one that suits your niche. You can check some of the previous essays that won and compare them with yours. Usually, contests target specific niche or themes. After identifying the appropriate one then it is time to move to the next step.

The next step is doing internet search. The good thing about searching contests online is that there are a wide variety of categories you can choose from. Also, you can easily find contests that specifically target a certain group of people. In addition, the internet makes it easier to search for contests that are near your location. You can as well identify all the parameters of a certain contest before you decide to enter.

Almost all upcoming 2017 writing competitions require entrants to pay entry fees. The fees required may vary depending on the nature and size of the contest. If the contest is big then the entry fees may be high but if it is small the entry fees will be low. It is always a great idea to choose a contest that perfectly fits your budget. There are also some free competitions that you can enter. If you are looking for free contests, you should go for the ones that you have verified their authenticity.

Many of the upcoming 2017 writing competitions are very competitive. So, you need to make a list of the contests that you prefer before entering any. Then, using the information you got after doing your research, you can compare and identify the perfect one. It is important to submit your story, poem or essay carefully. In short, you need to adhere to the submission guidelines and if you fail to do so, your submission won’t be accepted. What that means is that you will have lost your entry fee.

The internet makes it easy to track down some of the best upcoming writing contests. Plus, you will get compressive information about any contest before entering, for example, entry fees, rules and guidelines of contest, genre and prizes. Resourceful places to find some of these contests are websites of the notable publications including writer’s magazines. You should also check with print publications if they will be hosting 2017 contests. Another great way of getting regular updates is subscribing to some of the well-known publications so that you receive e-mail newsletters. There are also some websites meant for writers, especially writers who need assistance in getting appropriate writing contests. Writers’ forums and communities can also be useful. You can also ask your friends or family members if they are aware of some of the upcoming contests.

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