Process of Employee Screening

krpoAre you feeling confused to look at so many CVs received in your mailbox, who has applied for a particular position? Is your idea of placing ad for specific job requirement quite successful? Do you want to turn your focus on screening various resume and choose the ideal one? While placing an advertisement for a certain opening company has to go through the dilemma of sourcing the right and perfect candidate for their organization. It can be daunting task for employers to go through bunch of lengthy resumes received in their mailbox, take their print out and get a synopsis of each and everything in detail to call the right one suitable for their company.

Why recruitment requires assistance from experts?

Recruiting for a company surely requires a well-experienced, well versed, educated and well-mannered individual that truly works for choosing a right candidate for the company. In order to screen data sourcing from candidates, one has to be loyal and honest by looking at their skills and educational background. There is no way you can be biased among certain professionals depending on their high experience or approach. To perform the daunting task of CV processing and in order to call right candidate for a face-to-face interview, it is essential to take following steps which shall enable on to step ahead in the right direction;

  • Logging Applications: The very first step to perform as an employer is to differentiate all the applications on the basis of age, qualification and experience. After doing this, you may get a glimpses of candidates that fit into your job criteria with respect to certain age, qualification and experience.
  • Face to Face Interview: In order to call prospective candidates to have a face to face discussion, one needs to first individual’s time frame, availability and number of candidates to be screened in a particular frame of time.
  • Have a Look at the Criteria: To perform the task of data sourcing quite well, next you need to recall what exactly you are looking into the candidate as per their qualification and experience. Simply decide, which ones are meeting your criteria and which not. Those who easily qualify as per your set criteria can be directly called for an interview. In addition, those who lack the prior skills that you are looking for must be discarded at a first glance.
  • Rank the Candidates: After going through tedious task of Candidate screening CV as per set criteria, next is to rank the candidates from top to bottom based on their skill, qualification and experience. This will directly give you clear idea of which candidate is more suitable than the other and turn your focus towards him.
  • Give Proper Feedback and Keep a Record: It is necessary on employer’s part to keep a record of all the applications including accepted and rejected ones. Plus, make sure to give proper feedback no matter negative or positive to each and every candidate. Send an automated mail or simply call to provide genuine feedback to applicants in order to boost up their confidence or to improve their shortcomings.

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