Pros and cons of buying UN taps and dies at Kensuo

UN taps and dies are the most commonly used thread cutting tools across the United States and in Canada. These tools are used to create or clean existing threads to be used in fastening. They can be used in the house or in work places of machine engineers. Regardless of where and for what you use it, taps and dies are undeniably an essential in your tool box.

These threading tools are available in most of the hardware stores in your neighborhood, but you can choose to go through a more convenient process of buying them, and that is to buy them online.

Kenuo is one of the most popular manufacturers and suppliers of different kinds of taps and dies, and they have a place in the World Wide Web wherein you can browse through their products and purchase them.

This review will tell you the pros and cons of buying your UN taps and dies at Kenuo to help you decide if this online store is best for you.


  1. They can guarantee that the size you need is available.

This is a very vital consideration in making the decision of where to buy your tools. Kenuo has a wide array of sizes to choose from and they always have it ready for shipping.

If they don’t have the exact size that you need, they are always ready and willing to customize according to your needs. Their production speed is very fast and can deliver the items to you immediately.

  1. They use the best materials.

Kenuo uses High Speed Steel (HSS) in the production of their tools. This kind of steel allows it to cut threads better and have be resistant to damages caused by temperature.


  1. It is not a one-stop shop.

In order to effectively make a thread, you need to use other tools together with your taps and dies. An example of which would be handles.

While Kenuo has a lot of choices for types and sizes of threading tools, these are the only tools they sell. So, you need to find another supplier who can provide you with handles. This may be very tiring for buyers who will then have to track two payments and two deliveries.

  1. Prices might be higher.

Since they use state of the art materials for their tools, their prices might be a little higher than other suppliers.


It is clear that the pros outweigh the cons in this review. The issue of the price can easily be settled with the quality of the UN taps and dies and the output that it can create, and handles can be easily bought in hardware stores. This can even be a better option because you can personally fit your tools in the handles and not risk having to return the items to the supplier.


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