Recondition the old industrial sewing machines

tomsewingThe industrial sewing machines are quiet similar in operations like a home sewing machine but are designed provide heavy duty and voluminous outputs. These machines can be further sub divided into two categories:

  • for basic stitching and production of designed clothing
  • for specific purpose works like embroideries, seam stitching etc

Designed to do mass production these machines these machines save both time and resources e.g. raw material and money. Despite being designed to handle any type of fabric these machines are quiet fragile in composition and tend to breakdown often.

Refurbished vs. new industrial sewing machine

A known fact, that all machineries depreciate and have a physically defined life. Handling the rigors of work these machines tend to wear and tear faster. In most of the cases these machines can be serviced, mended and efficiently reused. But after a point of time their production qualities deteriorates and are either shoved in the store rooms or are sold out as dump. Despite the machine quality, we cannot negate the excellence delivered by the old sewing machines. They are full of hidden treasures.

It is understandable that new age machines are loaded with amazing features and are extremely fit to undertake any type of intricate work. But the used old sewing machines are tough enough have seen the seasons and can be manually altered to deliver desired results.

Arguing between the thought of having a reconditioned or a new machine involves weighing pros and cons of old with better made, reliable, sturdy, powerful and importantly better stitch quality vis-a-vis fancy bells and whistles attached to the newer versions. In a commercial manufacturing all these thoughts can be easily over ruled by financial and cost implications attached to the purchase.

How good are used old sewing machines?

Instead of dumping the used old sewing machines, it wise to get them reconditioned. There are many professional sewing machine wholesalers who are willing to buy the old tattered ones and convert them into brand new models. They give the old ones a thorough treatment right from the purchase state to the final stage before putting used sewing machine for sale. The process followed is:

  • Conduct an in depth and detailed check on each part of the machine
  • Change the damaged parts and do a thorough recheck of each part individually
  • Do a complete chemical wash and electrical polish
  • Conduct a quality test
  • Fix the accessories and accessory box

Considering the efficient professional work done on these machines a wise decision to purchase one of them can be a profitable one.

Essentials to consider before buying a used machineĀ 

It is not simple to purchase a used redone sewing machine. The choice requires a lot of research with respect to technical specifications, features, working conditions etc before finalising the one that solves the purpose efficiently. Other factors that control the purchase decisions are:

  • Engine power, sturdiness and stability
  • Range of stitching features and styles available
  • Quality of the changed parts
  • Warranty and service guarantee

A wisely purchased reconditioned sewing machine can be an asset to the company if procured with precautions and attention to details.


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