The aged corporations have come to the rescue of many a business enterprise

fastunsecuredGovernment contracts are lucrative. However, it is very difficult to obtain one. They have a set of rigid rules. They do not deviate from them in any manner. One of the rules stipulates that they do not award contracts to new entrepreneurs. Somehow, they do not seem to believe in the capacity of the first-time contractors. They insist on a proven record of accomplishment. They do not realize that it could be the first time for someone at some time in their life. However, the new start-up entrepreneurs need not despair. There is a way to circumvent their rigid policies. You can acquire an aged corporation that would automatically add experience to your portfolio even without having any.

Just as you can buy a can of cola at the local store, you can buy a shelf corporation from companies who sell them. A shelf corporation is a ready-made company in all respects. It has a ready-made certificate of incorporation and other licences as well. In fact, the owners of the company have created this company precisely for someone to come along and buy it. This company should not have done any business in the past since its inception. It should be like a clean slate where you will be the first person to inscribe your name.

When you buy this aged corporation from the website, you become the owner of an existing company. The date of incorporation will be an old one. That will decide the age of the company. Armed with this company, you will be able to bid on the Government contracts. Now, the Government does not have any grounds to deny the contract in the case of your bid being the lowest and most attractive one.

Once you get your foot in the door, it will open up a whole lot of opportunities for you. With this company incorporation details, you would be able to approach banks and other financial institutions for loans and credit cards. You will also find customers and suppliers making a beeline towards you. These same people might have rejected your proposal in case you had approached them as a new entrepreneur.

Business enterprises usually buy aged corporation for funding activities. This company would enable you to approach banks for collateral-free loans. The banks usually look at the company papers and check up with the credit bureaus for any adverse remarks. Your company has not transacted any business in past and hence there would not be any adverse remarks as such. This would enable you to get finance at a low rate of interest. This would help your business to grow.

You can build up a fresh corporate credit profile to go along with your personal profile. This would prove very useful to you later on in your career.

The aged corporations have come to the aid of several new entrepreneurs in the past. They would continue to do so in the future too.

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