Tips to monetize your website

Making money online is one of the common passions/hobbies of youngsters and the tech-savvy people today. This not only gives them the flexibility of earning an additional income but also gives them the room to do something creative that they cannot express in their 9 to 5 jobs. The first term that comes to our mind when we think about of earning money online is website monetization. People think it is very easy to make your sites earn money. If that was the case, every single publisher in this world would have been earning millions of dollars by now! So, have you ever wondered why this method is not clicking for some people? This is because they don’t know the basics of this process. Here are some tips for you to make your website highly capable of earning more money than you ever imagined.

Place your ads properly

If you are looking to make money on a pay per click basis, you have to ensure that you place the ads properly on your site. When you place your ads in a place where visitors to your site are most unlikely to see them, you are in for a terrible loss. When your visitor knows that you have an ad on your site, they ignore it most of the times.  You can avoid this by discreetly placing the ads in the middle of your content and without making it too obvious. For this, you have to use the same colors and background pattern for your ads as that of your content so that more visitors click on them and you get paid more.

Advertisements are not the be all and end of all of monetization

Many publishers (website and blog owners) feel that their sites can generate more income only through effective advertisements like banner ads, selling ad space and other website advertising strategies. This is a myth. Advertising is only a part of monetization. There are various other strategies to make your site earn more money. Writing reviews for the products or services of a company, creating your own digital products and selling them on your site, etc. are few of the other common and easy strategies that you can adopt.

Collect email addresses

One of the most common phrases in the field of site monetization is that “the money is on the list”. Experts are talking about an email list in this phrase. You can collect email addresses from your website visitors when you launch a newsletter. Have these email addresses safe with you. When you are launching a new product or service on your site, you might want to send out mails to these people and intimating them about the same. There are chances that some of these emails would get converted into a sale. Even if this list doesn’t help you, there are hundreds of advertisers waiting to promote their products or services to people. They will pay you for getting access to this email list and this is one of the most effective ways to monetize your website.

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