Tips to reduce the frequency of thread gauge replacement

One of the questions that people in the manufacturing industry constantly have is how frequently they should change or replace their metric thread gauges. However, it is not possible to give a clear cut answer here. As far as thread gauges are concerned, it is not about the duration but their replacement frequency is decided based on their frequency of use. If you test several hundred pieces daily then you will be required to replace the tool faster than a tool that is used to test only a few samples daily.

You will need to take a call based on the frequency and wear and tear of your tool. If the wear and tear is high, you cannot continue using the tool because it will affect the accuracy level of the readings you take each time you make use of your worn out UNC thread gauges.

Here are few tips to help you reduce the replacement frequency of your thread gauges. Make sure that you are using the right sized thread gauges. You should know your specifications. If you use the wrong gauges then you are going to naturally damage the gauges. Before you test the manufactured items, double check the specifications.

Make use of appropriate lubricants. Using lubricants will increase the life span of the thread gauges. However, the lubricants used should be of good quality. If the lubricants are of poor quality, then it will result in the corrosion of the surface of the thread gauge.

Clean the components to be tested before testing it because fine machine dust will be present in the fabricated products. If you continue to use the thread gauges with the machine dust then it will increase friction and thereby increase the wear and tear. Not only the components that are being tested should be cleaned before use but the thread gauge itself should be cleaned before and after the testing process. All these will help in increasing the life span of the gauges.

The thread gauge should be used in clean environments. Your test shop should be clean and free from dust. This is a challenging factor for many especially in the industrial settings.

Whenever you are buying a replacement thread gauge, make it a point to buy only premium quality gauges. This is very important because if the quality of the thread gauges is not good then you cannot expect good lifespan from the tool no matter what other precautions that you take. The tool you use should be of good quality and only then you can expect good value for your money. Find the best supplier of your thread gauges so that you can be sure of finding what you need. There is a misconception that if you want the best quality gauges you should be ready to spend exorbitant amounts of money. This is not true; you just need to know where to look for the right kind of suppliers.

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