Welcome to the RPO service sector of India

rpocompanyindiaRPO or recruitment process outsourcing is becoming the new recruitment approach in the market. It simply means the use of the third party service to find the employees best suited for the organization. This process is known to cut down the cost and reduction of time and efforts and improve compliance. These days uncountable number of organizations opts for RPO services as it is the easy and the most efficient way of recruiting the best person for the job.

RPO in India is providing the services worldwide. They work with a promise to cut the cost and time usage and increment of production on the same hand. They work as the perfect stop for recruiting needs.

Globalization leading to growth of RPO services in India.

Globalization has become one of the factors spurring the growth of RPO services in India. As expansion is a good sign for organizations so organization expands its business into other countries too and it becomes important to standardize the sources, hiring and on boarding processes. Opting for the RPO service providers might help companies to achieve this aim of expansion. So this way the need of RPO is increasing because of the globalization.

RPO a perfect recruitment solution for businesses in India.

As business sector is growing day by day more and more staff is needed to work in the organization. The biggest question is how to get a staff best suited for the organization so the perfect recruitment solution is the RPO services provided by various firms and companies. There are many ways in which these services help the business to reach its recruitment objectives.

  • They evaluate and review the resumes of the employees to find out who can fit in the organizations structure.
  • They conduct the phone interviews and identify the capable staff thus removing the big burden of calling each and every candidate.
  • They post the job requirements on the job portal and conduct internet search and filters the capable employees for the organizations.
  • They themselves negotiate rates with the consultants thus reducing the cost and submit the report with the account manager thus maintaining the integrity.

RPO environment in India is particularly different from others. They help business in focusing on core business areas. They follow the analysis based approach. RPO in India has evolved from complete outsourcing to project based outsourcing or substantial outsourcing.

How the recruitment process works?

The beginning of the recruitment process is marked when new recruits are sought and it ends when the applications are submitted with the organizations. From these applications the selection of the employee is done as per the needs of the organization. When a company needs someone new or a new employee the process begins and doesn’t end until the person is being appointed for the job. The stages are

  1. Identifying the vacancy
  2. Make a job description
  3. Advertise or hire RPO service
  4. Manage the response of candidates
  5. Short listing them and conducting interview.
  6. Providing list to the organization for appointment

RPO services in India have got a great response from the clients they have been working for. Clients appreciate the excellent team of professional these RPO possess.

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